3 Estrellas – welcome back

We have arrived in Spain. I am always surprised that you can really drive to Barcelona in two days! And like two years ago, we went to the 3 Estrellas campsite here.



We have already been here twice at the 3 Estrellas campsite in Barcelona. The first time we explored Barcelona extensively, and the second time we stopped briefly on the way home. We like this place because it is conveniently located and has everything you need for a short stop. When others are bothered by aircraft noise, our boys sit on the beach with the Flightradar24 app, watch the planes and see where they are going.


Short break - then on

We have booked three nights here at the 3 Estrellas campground so that we can recover a little from the drive before continuing on to the Mar Menor. This is expected to be another long day of driving, and then we should be at our destination.

The Camping La Manga on the Mar Menor

At 7 o'clock in the morning, we left the 3 Estrellas and continued south. Again we were very lucky and there was almost no traffic. In addition, many pay stations were out of order, so that one could simply drive through. All this contributed to the fact that we were much faster than expected. And so, we drove in the late afternoon to the La Manga campground at the Mar Menor. 

What the campsite has to offer, and how we like it here, follows in the next post.

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