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a journey - an adventure - a lifestyle?

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Or what do you do exactly?

Sell it all and go!

The more I say this sentence, the more joy it gives me. But actually we are a normal family.

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Or what makes our brains smoke right now! But also what we are looking forward to and what we are doing right now!

Elliot Update

Pretty much exactly a year ago we arrived in Washington DC. From Corona we had only a few headlines from

Our mobile home is back

Our motor home is back in Switzerland! It was a long way full of questions, mails and phone calls. But one thing at

We're flying back to Switzerland!

We originally wanted to fly back to Switzerland via Lisbon. But because of Corona it is very difficult to know if

Our new store is live!

From t-shirts to flip-flops to hoodies you can find all kinds of things in our new store. And it has something for everyone, no matter if big or small. All products are inspired by travelling and being on the road. And of course there is always a pinch of humor.

Have fun shopping!

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