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a journey - an adventure - a lifestyle?

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Or what do you do exactly?

Sell it all and go!

The more I say this sentence, the more joy it gives me. But actually we are a normal family.

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Or what makes our brains smoke right now! But also what we are looking forward to and what we are doing right now!

Off to Spain

We celebrated the first of August extensively and used the month of August for various appointments. But in September, we

The Olma Camping

From April 1 to September 2, 2021, it is now possible to book a parking space on the Olma grounds

A short stop in Chur - then Davos

Since I can't just complain about the weather here, the report about Chur will be very short. In

Elliot statistics

We like numbers!

Here's a quick rundown of how many nights we've spent in the Elliot and how many miles we've traveled with it.





Wo wir schon waren

Ich liebe ja diese Scratch-Maps bei denen man die Länder aufrubbeln kann, die man schon bereist hat. Als ich über diese digitale Variante gestolpert bin, war klar, dass das auf unseren Blog muss. Hier also eine kleine Weltübersicht wo wir schon waren.

P.S. Leider waren wir noch nicht in Alaska. Das leuchtet aber automatisch auf, wenn man die USA anwählt. Aber was noch nicht ist, kann ja noch werden!

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