Off to Spain

We celebrated the first of August extensively and used the month of August for various appointments. But in September we will finally be on our way. Off to Spain!


Let's go

The appointments are ticked off, the to-do list is empty. So, we can finally head south. After a farewell visit to our parents, it was time to leave for Spain on 1 September.

Since Italy still requires a test for all children over 6, we decided to take the route through France. Today's stage destination was as far as possible in France because we are supposed to go to Barcelona already the next day. We hoped to make it to the Grenoble region.

We were lucky! There was little traffic on the whole route. At the border, we could simply drive through, and the toll stations were also behind us within a few minutes. We were in the Grenoble region much earlier than expected, so we decided to drive a little further.


Le Teil - stay overnight free of charge

According to Campercontact, there is a free pitch in Le Teil where we could spend the night. We were excited and positively surprised when we arrived. The reviews on the internet were quite mixed, but we were received very friendly by the campers present, and it also had more than the stated 6 pitches. And the best thing was that there was still a place for us.

Amenities on site

The pitch is, as already mentioned, free of charge. The pitches were generous, although a bit uneven. In addition, we had free access to fresh water and the toilet can also be emptied here. For absolutely free, this is a great offer.

Ein Stück weiter der Strasse entlang hatte es ausserdem einen tollen grossen Spielplatz. Und die Jungs waren froh, sich nach dem langen Fahrtag richtig austoben zu können.

Tomorrow we are already going on to Spain. In Barcelona on the 3 Estrellas we will have a few days break before we will go to the Mar Menor.

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