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Camping Caravaning La Manga

We have never stayed so long on the same place before. Therefore, we tried to learn as much

Good news - we get our money back!

My zodiac sign is Aries, and I have been constantly told that this is the reason why

3 Estrellas – welcome back

We have arrived in Spain. I am always surprised that you can really drive to Barcelona

Off to Spain

We celebrated the first of August extensively and used the month of August for various appointments. But in September, we

The Olma Camping

From April 1 to September 2, 2021, it is now possible to book a parking space on the Olma grounds

A short stop in Chur - then Davos

Since I can't just complain about the weather here, the report about Chur will be very short. In

Updates: repair and money owed

What can I say? I haven't given up yet! Here is a little summary for new readers: Because of Corona, we have

A little Swiss tour

I know, too long I have not written. The last weeks before the vacations were still quite hectic

We are gone - but only from social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Co were absolutely unknown to me. But, or at least that's what I was told, if you want

Elliot Update

Pretty much exactly a year ago we arrived in Washington DC. From Corona we had only a few headlines from

Our mobile home is back

Our motor home is back in Switzerland! It was a long way full of questions, mails and phone calls. But one thing at

We're flying back to Switzerland!

We originally wanted to fly back to Switzerland via Lisbon. But because of Corona it is very difficult to know if