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Elliot Update

Pretty much exactly a year ago we arrived in Washington DC. From Corona we had only a few headlines from

Our mobile home is back

Our motor home is back in Switzerland! It was a long way full of questions, mails and phone calls. But one thing at

We're flying back to Switzerland!

We originally wanted to fly back to Switzerland via Lisbon. But because of Corona it is very difficult to know if

Rückverschiffung nach Europa

We shipped our motor home with Seabridge from Hamburg to Baltimore. The plan was

Heyburn State Park

The mood on the way to Heyburn State Park was not the best. We were all a bit melancholic and it

Retrospect and outlook

Our journey through the USA is almost over. Therefore, I want to take some time here for a little

Indian Creek Campground

It feels unreal, but the Indian Creek Campground is actually the last private campground on our trip. There

Yellowstone National Park

When we spent hours on the Applebutter Farm planning our return journey, we wished for one thing: a nice

Henrys Lake State Park

Here in the USA we have found a few good, a few acceptable and also bad private campsites. You can

When and how are we going back?

Those of you who have been reading here for a while already know that our flight to the USA did not go according to plan. And that

Village of Trees RV Resort

After enjoying nature to the full in the Wasatch Mountains, we went back to civilization and

Wasatch Mountain State Park

From Colorado, we went on to Utah, the next state we do not know yet. Here we had booked a place in a State Park again