Camping Caravaning La Manga

We have never stayed so long on the same place before. Therefore, we tried to learn as much as possible about the place in advance and our wish list was relatively long. We wanted to avoid being too far from the sea, for the boys there should be a multi-sports field or something similar and food should be within walking distance. And of course, the whole thing should be affordable and have a place free for us. After a long search on the internet, we found Camping Caravaning La Manga. It met all our requirements and even offered water slides and an indoor pool, but the best thing is of course the direct location by the sea.



La Manga on the Mar Menor

La Manga, meaning the sleeve, is the thin long strip that separates the lagoon from the open sea. This lagoon, the Mar Menor, is the largest saltwater lagoon in Europe and made headlines shortly before our departure because of a fish kill. Tons of dead fish washed up on the beach, forcing beaches to be closed. The beach at the campground was not affected by the closures, but we didn't know what exactly awaited us on site. We were pleasantly surprised. The sea was quite clean. There are definitely algae and other water plants here and there, but it is a sea and not an outdoor swimming pool. And fish can still be observed as well. This does not imply that the situation at the Mar Menor is not serious. Rising temperatures and water pollution are hard on the fish.

Since the maximum depth of the lagoon is about 7 meters. And the beach slopes very shallow. So, the water is wonderfully warm, and the children have plenty of space to safely splash in the sea.

What the campsite has to offer

As already mentioned, our wish list was quite long, and we were not sure for a long time whether we would find something that meets our wishes. Therefore, we were even more surprised that the Camping Caravaning La Manga even exceeds our wishes. There is a large pool, a small pool that can still be covered, several water slides, various sports fields, a Spar, a restaurant and even a small church.

Wie immer hat alles seine Vor- und Nachteile. Der riesige Platz bedeutet auch viele Menschen und besonders während der spanischen Ferienzeit und am Wochenende viel Trubel. Wir hatten bisher aber nur einmal Platznachbarn, die sehr laut waren. 

What I like best is the colorful mix. There is a group of seniors who regularly play tennis together, who come from Spain, France and Germany. Everyone knows the necessary terms in each language, so communication works quite well. Otherwise, one helps oneself with hands and feet. On the last trip, we often saw wintering sites that have an English and a German part, but there was hardly any exchange.

Lodging options

The site has ownership plots with small cottages, as well as bungalows and pitches for rent. All sites have water and sewage, and even the small plots are really generous. Such large plots we know otherwise only in the USA. 

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