A short stop in Chur - then Davos

Since I can't just complain about the weather here, the report about Chur will be very short. In front of the Camp au Chur there are 5 pitches where you can stand for 15 francs per night and use all the facilities of the campsite. The pitches are without electricity, but for one night that is no problem at all.

We all enjoyed a long shower and spent the rest of the time playing new board and card games. And luckily it was Saturday, which in our family means Movie Night. With popcorn and the new Disney movie Luca, we too forgot about the pouring rain.

Davos Glaris - RinerLodge

The next day we headed to Davos Glaris to the RinerLodge campsite. The campsite is located directly between the river Landwasser and the railroad tracks. This is super convenient from a traffic point of view, although not exactly idyllically quiet. With a little over 60 francs for the four of us plus a dog, it's not exactly a bargain, but with the guest card you get some discounts, such as free use of public transport.

The biggest bouncy castle in Switzerland

We were actually drawn to Davos by the largest bouncy castle in Switzerland. On the website of the organizer it said that in case of rain or storm it is not possible to jump, but the weather forecast was quite optimistic, at least for the morning. And so we waited anxiously at the playground Kurpark for the opening. Several operators of the facility were more or less busy connecting the individual elements with blowers, but the clock progressed faster than the construction of the bouncy castle. And so the time of the actual opening came at 11 o'clock and most of the bouncing elements were still lying listless and flat on the ground. When asked by a waiting family, we were then told that because of last night's rain, there would be no bouncing today.

At that time, you could still buy tickets online for the day. And we were by far not the only family waiting patiently for the opening. I understand that you can't bounce in the rain, and I honestly have no idea how much time it takes to get a bounce house ready for the kids. But I do know that there were a lot of disappointed faces that morning, and that could have been avoided with better communication. If you already have a website, you should also use it to inform people correctly and promptly.

Onwards through Davos

We strolled around beautiful Davos a bit more and then took the train back to the campsite, where our boys had some more fun on the campground.

Tomorrow we will continue to St. Gallen, where we will try out the pop-up campsite at the Olma fairgrounds.

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