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Almost exactly one year ago we arrived in Washington DC. We had only read a few headlines from China about Corona. That seemed very far away. And it was icy cold in front of the Capitol, but quiet. It was the beginning of our big USA trip, exciting and full of surprises. Since then, a lot has happened, a pandemic, a new home in Switzerland, the elections and riots in the USA. Also, our beloved Elliot is back in Switzerland and so here comes an Elliot update and some more info.

Last January we were in the USA, now we are in the Bernese Oberland enjoying the Swiss winter on skis. These are two totally different worlds and it's hard to believe that we experienced all this within one year. On top of that, the pandemic has changed our opinion of "our Switzerland" quite a bit.

A look back

In America, so far from home, when someone asked us how Switzerland was governed, how the school system worked, or whether we were satisfied with the health care system, we always told and explained. And to be honest, we did this not without pride. The fact that a good education and medical care can be affordable and of good quality is unimaginable for many Americans. But all that seems to be possible in Switzerland.

And then the pandemic overtakes us. You see how the different countries react, how much a human life is worth to their own government and the pride in their own country dwindles. The number of new cases accepted in Switzerland and the related deaths is absolutely shameful. The lack of plan with which the Swiss government is lurching through these difficult months is alarming. And it becomes glaringly clear what influence the economy has on our politics.

We have seen through this pandemic what is considered valuable in Switzerland, and we are shocked and disappointed.

Positive: Elliot Update

But there is some positive news as well. As I reported in the last post, our Elliot is back in Switzerland. We were able to bring him to the workshop and got a quote for the repair of the damage from the traffic accident in the USA. We then submitted this to the American insurance company.

We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly the insurance company in the USA handled our claim. Since the accident, we had been in contact with them again and again and felt that we were in good hands, but the fact that the payment of the claim amount would be so quick and unproblematic was a great surprise to us.

We are now waiting for the needed parts to be delivered and should be able to get our Elliot back in the shop around February to make it as pretty as it was before our big trip to the USA. Another Elliot update will follow of course.

Robert World Wide Shipping

And what became of the money paid twice for our return shipment? Unfortunately, this story is not very pleasant. A short review:

Because of the difficult Corona situation on the East Coast, we had decided to ship our RV back to Europe from the West Coast. This is more expensive because of the longer route, but we were able to avoid the severely affected areas. Robert from Robert World Wide Shipping made us a good offer and we were very thankful that we could arrange the shipping back that way.

Arrived in Bremerhaven, we did not get the necessary papers to pick up our Elliot. After a long back and forth, it became clear that Robert had not paid the amount owed to the shipping company. We had paid everything on time, but the shipping company did not receive the money. Therefore, they kept our motor home back. We had no choice but to pay the amount a second time so that we could at least get our Elliot back. This was the only way we could meet the deadlines for reporting the damage of the repair.

The promised repayment

Robert had been very apologetic about the whole mess and kept promising solutions. We even received dates for the repayment of the amount owed. Unfortunately, nothing has happened yet. According to Robert, Corona is to blame for all this.

For us, it is difficult to understand why the money we had paid did not arrive where it was supposed to. Corona was definitely not to blame for that. That it is now difficult to get new money when so much is closed because of Corona is already clear to us. Nevertheless, we have been waiting in vain for a solution for months and are only put off by Robert with mails. He cannot provide reliable repayment dates, although we have agreed to pay in installments. Until today, we have not received a cent from Robert.

Of course, Robert doesn't want me to publish all this here, and I'm trying hard to really only present the facts and not the emotions here. Nevertheless, I think it is important to describe our experience here. As soon as a solution emerges, I will of course publish it here so that you can read the whole story. At the moment, it doesn't look like we will be getting our double paid money back anytime soon, and we are very disappointed in how Robert handled our shipping.

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