Early in the morning on the jogging round. It's freezing cold, but beautiful.
It is beautiful in Switzerland, too.
We're back, but we haven't quite arrived yet.
Already tomorrow our Elliot is on its way back to Europe.
He exceeded all our expectations!
From here, it's off to Yellowstone National Park tomorrow. We can hardly wait!
Here you don't just leave the trash outside!
After a long but beautiful stay, it is time to say goodbye.
Only a few meters away we can watch the elk grazing. This is real America!
High above the White Sands we found a Corona home. Here we wait a little further to see what will happen next.
Here we take a break and wait and see what effects this pandemic has.
You can't imagine that, you have to have seen that. One feels quite helpless and small here!
An absolutely great trip for our boys!
We had no idea that a desert could be so beautiful.
Here you can sled on sand dunes! A huge fun in a great landscape.
Stunningly beautiful!
Our first state park, but certainly not our last!
San Antonio is probably the nicest city so far and the boys were thrilled with the Alamo.
New Orleans showed itself from its most beautiful side.
America pure! All bored Americans and one excited Swiss!!!
We were on a real warship and in a real submarine! What a day!!!
In Florida, we recharge our batteries and watch the dolphins from the beach.
An original lighthouse, an exciting excursion.
Our Elliot also made the trip to the USA!
After a looooong journey we finally arrived in the USA.
Spanien war schon schön! Kein Vergleich zum Joggen am Strand.
Elliot is ready for shipment in Hamburg.
Our Elliot is getting ready for the big trip!
Attention, the campgrounds here close over Christmas. But we can still stay here for a few nights.
Im Omnia kann man nicht nur gesunde Dinge kochen 🙂

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