ein neuer Nachbar

Mönchs-Sittiche seien eine Plage, steht im Internet. Aber wir mögen unseren neuen Nachbar.

a small fall storm

Fortunately, it didn't hit us.

Incredibly delicious!

Now that's what I call delicious food!

Good night

The sunset can also be beautiful!

Grasshopper in big

Are these the ones that can make such a huge noise?

Guten Morgen

Auch wenn die Sonne hier nicht direkt über dem Meer aufgeht, sind die Sonnenaufgänge trotzdem wunderschön.

Now that's what I call an avocado!

Und hier sind sie so lecker!

We celebrate a birthday

Der grosse Lego Ninjago Fan war begeistert.

Our autumn pitch

Here in this beautiful place we will spend the autumn.

Zucchetti potato gratin

Thanks to our Omnia, we don't have to give up baked dishes on the go.

We are in Spain

Of course, we rode the 3 Estrellas in Barcelona.

Off to the south!

First stop: France! Tomorrow we continue to Barcelona.

It will be autumn

Beautiful! Nevertheless, I look forward to the sun that awaits us in the south!

August 1st in Eriz

Even though it was cold, we enjoyed the day very much!

We enjoy the sun at the Bodensee

The saying could be from us: Small house, small worry.

Beautiful Switzerland! Especially when it's not raining!!!

The weather meant well with us, and we strolled through the beautiful old town of St. Gallen.

Ice-cold jogging round

Early in the morning on the jogging round. It's freezing cold, but beautiful.

Sunset on the way home

It is beautiful in Switzerland, too.

Back in Switzerland

We're back, but we haven't quite arrived yet.

Cleaning for the way home

Already tomorrow our Elliot is on its way back to Europe.


He exceeded all our expectations!

Henrys Lake State Park

From here, it's off to Yellowstone National Park tomorrow. We can hardly wait!

Bear tracks

Here you don't just leave the trash outside!

On the Road again

After a long but beautiful stay, it is time to say goodbye.


Only a few meters away we can watch the elk grazing. This is real America!

High Rolls

High above the White Sands we found a Corona home. Here we wait a little further to see what will happen next.

Lyman Lake State Park

Here we take a break and wait and see what effects this pandemic has.

Meteor Crater

You can't imagine that, you have to have seen that. One feels quite helpless and small here!

Yuma Prison

An absolutely great trip for our boys!

The Sonoran Desert

We had no idea that a desert could be so beautiful.

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