Gas and electricity for motor homes in the USA

We have decided to take our own motor home with us to the USA. How exactly the shipping will be done, I will tell you in a separate post. If you bring your own motor home to the USA, there are two sticking points to be solved: the power supply and the gas supply. Everything else, like gray water and fresh water should be relatively easy to solve. Here we would like to briefly describe which solutions we have chosen for gas and electricity in the RV in the USA.


Gas supply in the USA

We have already explained here why we decided to use gas tank bottles in the motor home. On our autumn trip these gas tank bottles have proved themselves very well and we would not want to travel without them. According to this overview you need the ACME adapter in the USA to be able to refuel gas directly in the USA again. We have received a set with three adapters from the installer of our gas tank bottles. There was also the ACME adapter included. So we should already be well equipped. Whether it works then also in such a way, we will see when we are there. If you don't have gas tank bottles, you have to get the right adapters for connecting a US gas bottle to the system of the motor home.

Power supply in the USA

Many electrical appliances can cope with the different voltage in the USA. So when you travel, you hardly have any difficulties. The situation is different with the motorhome, however. It would like to get the same voltage as here in Europe. So if you want to connect the electricity to the motorhome from the outside as usual, you need a transformer that converts the electricity to the right voltage. The company Seabridge, which also does all the shipping of our motorhome, offers a suitable transformer.

Unfortunately, shipping is only possible within Germany. If you are Swiss, you can have the transformer delivered to a parcel station at the German border and then carry it across the border yourself. Since we lacked the time to do this, we wanted to use the service of MeinEinkauf for this. In retrospect, we strongly advise against this now. It cost a lot of nerves, mails and money to get the transformer to Switzerland via MeinEinkauf. So if you take care of the transformer early enough, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and money if you bring the transformer over the border yourself.

Gas and electricity for motor homes in the USA

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