Good news - we get our money back!

My zodiac sign is Aries, and I have been constantly told that this is the reason why I am so stubborn. Stubborn is very negatively loaded, and I think that is the utterly wrong way to look at it. Stubbornness, viewed positively, is, in fact, nothing more than perseverance and stamina! And exactly this perseverance helped me to send mails to the Netherlands again and again to get our money after all.

What happened so far

Don't worry, I'll keep it as short as possible because this story is long, and I've written about it here on the blog over and over again. So diligent readers know the story well enough. So, here is a short version for new readers:

We shipped our motor home from Hamburg to Baltimore with Seabridge. Because of Corona, we didn't want to go back to the East Coast and were looking for someone who could ship our motor home from Seattle to Hamburg. Seabridge did not offer that at the time, and we booked the return shipping through Robert World Wide Shipping Ltd.

However, when our Elliot arrived in Hamburg, it was not handed over to us and after much back and forth it became clear that Robert had not paid for the shipment. The pending repair and the Corona numbers put us under time pressure, so we paid the money for the shipment a second time to be able to pick up our motor home.

Many mails, a lawyer and a lot of patience

Robert assured us that he would pay us back the money. Days, weeks and months went by, and we were always put off. Finally, we called in a lawyer, hoping to finally get our money. But even that only led to initial success. The lawyer cost the same amount of money as we got back from Robert. So, this was not a viable way for us.

Constant dripping ...

And so, I set out again to send an e-mail at least once a week. And my stubbornness, or perseverance, has paid off. Robert has again made regular repayments, and we are slowly but steadily getting our money back. We are now about halfway to the amount owed and hope to be able to put this whole story to bed soon.

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