Henrys Lake State Park

Here in the USA we have found a few good, a few acceptable and also bad private campsites. You can also find great campsites here, but they have their price. We are talking about 100 dollars per night and more. Since that does not fit into our budget, we have generously avoided these places. The State Parks are not only much more in our budget, but often they are also simply beautifully situated in the nature. Only the James Robb Place, which is unfortunately located directly at the Interstate, was not that nice, all other State Parks were just great. So we were very excited about the second last State Park of our trip, the Henrys Lake State Park.

Off into the cold

When we saw the weather forecast, we were surprised to see that snow was announced. Quickly we tried to find out how high the Henrys Lake State Park exactly is and if we have to drive over any passes. According to our research we should stay just below the snow line. Nevertheless, we filled up a little of propane to be able to heat at night not only with the air conditioner but also with the gas heating. The whole day was gray, cold and wet. And we were happy when we finally arrived at Henry's State Park. The mountains around were covered with snow and it only had to be a little colder, then there would have been snow on the campground, too. Despite this gray day, it was clear that we were again on a beautiful place.

New day - new weather

The next morning started more friendly and the rain subsided. By the time the boys had finished their schoolwork, the rain had stopped completely and we took a walk across the campground. Here you can see different rodents, unbelievable many different birds, swans breeding and falcons hunting. And there are signs everywhere warning of bears. There are also bear-safe waste containers and you should take care that nothing that smells of food is stored outside the camper. On our walk we also found kayaks, which are provided by Henry Lake State Parks for free. You just have to register at the entrance and pick up the paddles there. Kayaks and life jackets are then available down at the lake. The boys were very enthusiastic, and we signed up for four o'clock in the afternoon. The friendly lady warned us, however, that often there is wind in the afternoon and that the kayaks will not be given out in strong winds. The boys watched every breeze until four o'clock. But the weather meant well with us. The sun came out between the clouds and there was no wind. We enjoyed the trip on the beautiful lake surrounded by snow-covered mountains to the fullest.

For the next day the Yellowstone National Park was on the agenda, and we were excited and full of anticipation.

The Henrys Lake State Park offers not only beautiful parking lots, a beautiful view over the lake and a lot of nature, but also very friendly staff and unforgettable sunsets. And if you have binoculars with you, you can watch the moose grazing in the evening.

Henrys Lake State Park

  • Campground Info

    A beautiful State Park only 20 minutes drive from Yellowstone National Park.

  • Cost per night

    31 dollars

  • Passport America

    Not accepted here.

  • Website


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