Heyburn State Park

The mood on the way to Heyburn State Park was not the best. We were all a bit melancholic and it really sank in that our big USA trip was now coming to an end.

The Heyburn State Park

Heyburn State Park is located at a beautiful lake and has several campgrounds. We had some trouble to find our campground, but at the Visitor Center they could help us. The Benewah Loop was hidden in the woods at the end of the lake. But you can get to the lake on foot without any problems. There is even a nice round walk along the lake and then through the forest back to the campground. The pitches are spacious and as usual at State Parks, so far away from the next neighbor that you have enough privacy.

At the Camping Host you can buy firewood for five dollars and each pitch has its own picnic table and fire ring. Now in June it is warm enough here to go swimming in the lake. After the boys had finished their schoolwork, we spent a wonderful day at the lake with snorkeling and splashing around.

The big disadvantage of the campground

The Heyburn State Park has one big disadvantage: Now in June you get eaten alive by mosquitoes at the campground. I am not someone who complains about a few mosquitoes, but this was something completely different. When I walked with the boys through the forest, we had to walk fast enough not to be constantly attacked. Anyone who stopped had 30 mosquitoes on him at once. And they didn't hesitate, they stung immediately. When we left Heyburn State Park my legs were covered with several dozen bites. And no, these mosquitoes were not at all impressed by our mosquito spray. Our Thermacell helped a bit, but you still got bitten, just not by a whole swarm.

The last drive

We all slept badly that last night and were up very early in the morning. Our boys are generally early risers and we had a time difference of one hour on the way here, so they were up an hour earlier. That was just fine with us, because our last day of driving was a very long one. It's over 300 miles from Heyburn State Park to Tacoma.

The first thing our youngest asked after waking up was, "Can't we stay in America a little longer?" We all did! After breakfast, we packed everything up unusually quietly and set off for the last time. In Tacoma we have to prepare our motorhome for shipping and then the plane takes us back to Switzerland.


Heyburn State Park

  • Campground Info

    A beautiful State Park, unfortunately full of mosquitoes in June.

  • Cost per night

    21 dollars

  • Passport America

    Not accepted here.

  • Website


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