Our Story

Until recently, our story was absolutely unspectacular. We're married, we've completed our education. Meanwhile we have supplemented our family first with 4 legged and afterwards with 2 legged creatures and bought in between home of our own. And we are grateful for all these experiences and none of them would be called a mistake. But still something was missing. Or as we think today, some was too much...

Having a family, a house and one or even two jobs meant a lot of work. Time is running out and so are resources. One loses oneself in everyday life, in stress and in routine. Small precious moments are lost in the hectic pace. And somewhere the feeling creeps in that there should be something else. But what?

Minimalism! The realization that we are superfluous of much that we thought we absolutely needed. And the more things left our house, the more air was created. Space and time for new ideas! For new adventures ...

And when things lose their importance, common moments become more important. This is how the idea came about to show our boys the world, spend time together and collect unforgettable memories.

The idea began very small. It should be a short break. Extend the school holidays a little and plan a suitable trip. So we began to inform ourselves and to collect ideas and noticed fast that one actually never has enough time. There is so much that we would like to see, so much that interests us. The duration of the trip was constantly extended and at some point we reached the point where we wondered whether it might even be possible to travel indefinitely.

This thought was exciting and frightening at the same time! And yet we couldn't get rid of it. So now you can read on our page, which plans we have, which legal hurdles there are to overcome and which solutions and routes we choose. And who knows, maybe we can also inspire other families to dare a new adventure together.