Trip Planning USA

We have to come up with a plan. At the beginning of 2020 we start our big trip to the USA and the initial details are finally fixed. On this page you will find our travel planning and further information about shipping or what else you have to think of to make the big trip to the USA work out.

Shipping your own motor home to the USA

There are several reasons for us to bring our own motor home to the USA. Our Elliot

Gas and electricity for motor homes in the USA

We have decided to take our own motor home with us to the USA. How exactly the shipping will be done, I will tell you

A visa for the USA

This post is actually long overdue, because the visa was one of the first things we tackled for the big

Update Travel Planning USA

Anyone who has been reading here for some time knows very well that we are very good at making plans, which can then be