Retrospect and outlook

Our journey through the USA is almost over. Therefore, I want to take some time here for a little review and outlook.

Our mood at the Indian Creek Campground, the last private campground of our trip, was gray like the rainy weather. Don't get me wrong, we are really looking forward to Switzerland and especially to our families, but this trip was a dream at the beginning, then a vague idea and at some point the decision was made to turn our lives upside down. Afterwards there was no turning back. It was both exciting and nerve-racking. There was so much to organize and to find out. And then the big day finally arrived, and we set off.


The first weeks headed for Spain were not easy. We had to find our way in the new everyday life. Without any structure you can quickly feel a bit lost. Nevertheless, we still had to do our schoolwork and also had professional obligations. Everyone had to find their place in the family anew.

And when we got used to the new space and the new rhythm, we started to really enjoy it. You can't escape the problems, life always happens. Our boys are still brothers who like to get on each other's nerves and sometimes the wind tears out a window or you get hit by a truck from behind. The difference is that you are much closer together, you have to be more honest with yourself and therefore also with the others and that you become much more flexible and creative in solving problems.

On the road with kids

Our boys have grown, not only physically but also emotionally. They have learned empathy and consideration and it is a joy to watch them grow. Both have learned English, with the older one speaking much more than the younger one. And both have seen the world. Not the whole world, of course, but they have seen the sea, swamps, desert, mountains and lakes. The boys got to know poisonous plants, discovered bear tracks and tried to sneak up on deer. But we have also seen slums and people without prospects. And here, so far away from home, they learned what Switzerland is because they saw so much that is not Switzerland.

How time passes

As a child, you have the feeling that time passes far too slowly. You want to be taller and older faster, finish school, learn to drive and become independent. But when you have children of your own, at the latest, time starts to fly. You celebrate New Year's Eve and can hardly believe that another year has already passed. It feels as if time is running through your fingers like sand. We pressed the pause button, took a deep breath and threw ourselves into an adventure. Nothing about this trip feels as if time has passed too quickly. This year on New Year's Eve we will look back on a year filled with countless wonderful memories. And we are so grateful for that. This trip was everything we had wished for and so much more. We spent the time together and created the memories together. And yes, there was the traffic accident and a worldwide pandemic, and yet we would not have wanted to miss these last months.


Now we will soon fly back to Switzerland to family and friends. A small apartment in the Bernese Oberland is waiting for us and a new job for me. Shortly before our departure to the States we had signed the purchase contract for a small apartment in the Bernese Oberland. With the current low interest rates, this apartment costs us very little each month, so it will fit into our budget for our next trip. Furthermore, it is much easier with the Swiss authorities if you have a real address in Switzerland.

At the beginning of August I will start a new job, which is limited to one year. We hope that a corona vaccination will be on the market in that time and that we can start a new adventure in autumn 2021. There are already plans in the making.


We will continue to teach the boys at home in the next school year, because there is great hope that we can set off on another adventure in the autumn of 2021. The homeschooling will mainly be done by my husband, which makes me feel rather nostalgic. I like my job very much and have enjoyed teaching my own children.

We escaped the hamster wheel for a year and are determined not to just get back on it. We have learned how little we really need to live and how valuable time together is. We want to preserve that.

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