Rückverschiffung nach Europa

We shipped our motor home with Seabridge from Hamburg to Baltimore. The plan was to send it back to Europe the same way. When the decision was made not to go back to the East Coast, we needed a new solution for the shipping. There is the possibility to send a motor home overland, but we could not find a carrier who could give us exact delivery times because of Corona. So we had to find a new solution for the return shipment to Europe.

Shipping from the West Coast

So only shipping from the west coast was an option. This is much more expensive and at the time when we wanted to book it, Seabridge could not give us an exact date. We should inquire again at a later time. But as we wanted to book the flights, we also had to be sure that the shipping would work out. Then we decided to ship with Robert World Wide Shipping. This is a Dutch company that made us a very good offer. The contact with Robert, the company owner, was very special. He was really always available and answered within a few minutes, but he expected the same from us. If we didn't answer for two hours, he wrote or called again immediately. For us that was very strange. But he responded to our wishes and from other travel blogs we knew that the company is legitimate and that the shipment with Robert worked out. We still had a strange feeling, but not really another choice.

Canceled flights - New drop-off date

When Swiss cancelled our first return flight, we got replacement flights a few days earlier. Therefore, we had to adjust the delivery of our motor home for shipping. Everything had to take place a few days earlier. So we put the delivery on the Friday before the Sunday we would fly back. Thursday was reserved for cleaning and getting the RV ready and the trip to Tacoma was scheduled for Wednesday. So we would have had enough time for everything. The distance to Tacoma was with 340 miles quite long, and we were positively surprised how fast we arrived in Tacoma. That's why we already started with the big cleaning of the motor home on Wednesday. On Thursday morning we reserved the escort service for Friday, because at the harbor you always have to be accompanied by a licensed person. Such an escort must be booked 24 hours in advance. There, we were told that due to Corona we still need a special number for the delivery at the harbor. Our contact at IFF USA, who organize all the shipping formalities for Robert in the USA, got us this number. Thereby she learned that the port is always closed on Fridays because of Corona.

Nun kam doch ein wenig Stress auf

Unsere einzige Möglichkeit unseren Flug zu erwischen war es, das Wohnmobil bereits am Donnerstag vor 15 Uhr am Hafen von Tacoma abzugeben. Alles, was noch zu erledigen war, musste also am Vormittag gemacht werden, damit mein Mann am Nachmittag genügend Zeit hatte, das Wohnmobil zum Hafen zu fahren und abzugeben. Und so haben wir Gas gegeben und möglichst schnell alles erledigt, was es noch zu tun gab und am Mittag waren wir tatsächlich bereit. Nach dem Mittagessen ist mein Mann losgefahren und konnte das Wohnmobil am Hafen von Tacoma abgeben. Glücklicherweise war der Escort-Service, der äusserst flexibel. Sie haben uns kurzfristig einen Termin für den Nachmittag gegeben und dank der tatkräftigen Unterstützung von Iff USA hat die Abgabe des Wohnmobils für die Rückverschiffung nach Europa geklappt. So waren rechtzeitig bereit für unseren Rückflug am Sonntag.

When it was clear that everything would work out and the tension had eased a little, I contacted Robert from Robert World Wide Shipping. We had a written contract from him that we could deliver our motorhome on Friday. It was pure coincidence that we found out in time that the port is closed on Fridays. If the delivery on Thursday had not worked out, we would have had to postpone our flights from Sunday.

Robert showed understanding for us and also found that it had certainly been stressful for us. But he did not see the responsibility for this mistake in himself, others were responsible for it. It is a fact that we have a contract with Robert World Wide Shipping, and he is responsible from our point of view that what is in the contract works. Unfortunately, we do not have the same view. We hope that the return shipment to Europe will now go smoothly and that we will be able to pick up our motor home in Bremerhaven at the end of August.

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