Summer vacation 2019

Before the definitive and final clearing of the house begins, we take a little vacation with our Nordic relatives. Our destination is Molkom and we take one week each for the outward and return journey. So hopefully we can also see some exciting things on the way.

Since it is quite hectic here at the moment, the plans are still very vague. We decided not to take the ferry but to cross the big bridge. On the one hand, because we would like to see it and on the other hand, because then we are much more free with the travel time.

As on our spring tour, we will tell you again where we have been and what we have experienced. And I hope that this time I will be able to put the articles online a little more simultaneously.

If you still have tips, what we should do or visit on our way, then simply write it at the comment or write us an email.

Camper site at Carnot's Wall

As you have already read in our post about Avignon, we love places steeped in history. Avignon is certainly one of the more famous

Stellplatz Trendelburg

After our great stop in the Serengeti Park we went further south. Two more stops were planned, before we

The Serengeti Park

We have decided to make a bigger excursion on the way there and back. On the way north

Stellplatz Serengeti Park

There are several possibilities to stay overnight in the park. There are small bungalows and large tents, but there are also pickup cabins at

Wohnmobilstellplatz Schnell

Right after the Danish border is the Skandinavia Park with all kinds of shopping facilities. A few of them are even 7/24


Our great holidays in Molkom were already coming to an end and it was time to head south again.