Our great journey through the USA

We have waited a long time for this moment. We have researched, planned and calculated a lot. We filled out applications, made appointments and took out insurance. We have already sent our motor home in advance and now the moment has come for us to set off on our trip to the USA. We have half a year to visit this huge country and hope for many unforgettable moments!

Elliot Update

Pretty much exactly a year ago we arrived in Washington DC. From Corona we had only a few headlines from

Our mobile home is back

Our motor home is back in Switzerland! It was a long way full of questions, mails and phone calls. But one thing at

We're flying back to Switzerland!

We originally wanted to fly back to Switzerland via Lisbon. But because of Corona it is very difficult to know if

Rückverschiffung nach Europa

We shipped our motor home with Seabridge from Hamburg to Baltimore. The plan was

Heyburn State Park

The mood on the way to Heyburn State Park was not the best. We were all a bit melancholic and it

Retrospect and outlook

Our journey through the USA is almost over. Therefore, I want to take some time here for a little