Update Travel Planning USA

Those who have been reading this for a long time know that we are very good at making plans and then throwing them overboard in a high arc. Our planned freighter crossing now joins this group. And since this is not the only change in our travel plans, it was about time to update our blog here and publish an update of our travel plans for the USA.

What was planned

Originally it was planned that in January we would get on the freighter in Antwerp with our motor home and drive across the big pond to drive to the west coast in the south and then back to the east coast in the north. As we were now in Spain in the beautiful weather, we thought about what kind of weather could prevail in January on the sea. And especially after our whale watching tour in Tarifa we became aware that it can get uncomfortable on the sea. We then seriously asked ourselves what exactly we get out of crossing the big pond in January. Sitting comfortably on deck is not one of the most popular activities in January. And so we decided with a heavy heart to change our plans. The trip with the freighter was above all a big wish of mine, but as we learned from the story about the visit of the Alhambra, postponed is not cancelled yet. The freighter trip has regained its place on the bucket list, and we have made new plans.

The new plan

We are still convinced that shipping our motorhome is the right way for us. The idea that we always have our home with us gives the children a certain consistency and the logistics with all the school materials, clothes and toys is also much easier. And so we decided that the two-legged creatures will travel to the USA by plane and the motor home will start its journey alone with the freighter at the beginning of January. For the port of embarkation we have chosen Hamburg and me and the children will stay with my parents while my husband will bring our Elliot to the port.

The new route

Traveling is great, and we are really thankful that we can fulfill our dream to travel with the whole family. But we have also realized in the last months that it is quite exhausting to be on the road all the time. At the beginning of our autumn trip we drove on twice a week. Towards the end about once every 5 days. We noticed that we have to deliberately create free days when there is no school, no driving and no work.

We were often asked what our everlasting holidays were like, and that did not really correspond to our reality. We have all the freedom to structure our everyday life ourselves, but the boys have their school commitments, my husband his clients and I have this blog. And besides that there are also quite unspectacular tasks like washing clothes, cleaning or shopping.

In order for us to really enjoy the impressions and adventures, it is important that we plan our time carefully. Therefore we have to reconsider the planned route. And yes, no matter how much time you have for a trip, there is always much more to see.

The current plan is for us to go about once a week. However, the decision which destinations are to be removed from the current plan has not yet been made.

What is certain

So far it is definite that we will fly to Washington, spend a few days sightseeing and then drive to Baltimore to pick up our Elliot. Then we'll head to the warmer South as soon as possible!

Update Travel Planning USA

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