Updates: repair and money owed

What can I say? I haven't given up yet! Here is a little summary for new readers:

Because of Corona, we shipped our motor home back to Switzerland from the West Coast. We hired Robert from Robert World Wide Shipping to do this and paid him everything on time. When our motor home arrived in Germany, we could not pick it up. We did not understand why this was the case for quite a long time. First it was said that papers were missing, then Corona was to blame and so on. At some point it was clear that Robert had not paid the shipping company for the shipping of our motor home, and they therefore give it out important.

The corona numbers increased and a closing of the borders became apparent. To be able to get the motor home to Switzerland in time to have the repairs done, we had no choice but to pay the shipping company the amount ourselves. So we paid twice.

Robert always assured us that we would get the money back, but nothing happened for a very long time. We then called in a lawyer and promptly the first promised installment was transferred. We hoped to finally be able to close the matter, but we had rejoiced too soon. The next installment was not paid, and Robert had a great talent to entertain our lawyer on the phone. The minutes she spent on phone calls and emails added up rapidly, so that soon the first installment received went to cover the lawyer's fees. So this was not a viable way for us either, and we asked the lawyer to stop her work for the moment. Robert assured us that we would get all the money back by the end of August. After that, the next step would be to file for bankruptcy. But this will cost us another good 600 Euros, and whether we would really get anything in the case of insolvency is very questionable. I really hope to finally be able to report something positive here at the beginning of September.

And Elliot's repair?

I was quite surprised that I have received a few dear mails from blog readers who have asked whether our faithful Elliot is now completely mended again. The answer is yes and no. Actually, all the damage done on our first day in the US was completely mended. Only a few small things and a trim strip were missing, which was supposed to beautify the transition from the old to the new part of the back wall a bit. When they wanted to mount exactly this strip, they drove with our Elliot but unfortunately backwards somewhere, so that the bumper and the bezel of the taillight are now broken again. 

But since my husband is an absolute pro when it comes to duct tape, even this damage does not stop us from making our little Swiss tour. However, it was annoying in any case, because ordering these parts again takes a few weeks and then a suitable date must always be found. We hope very much that we really have a completely mended Elliot at the beginning of August!

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