Wasatch Mountain State Park

From Colorado, we went on to Utah, the next state we do not know yet. Here we had booked a place in a State Park again and were looking forward to a few days in the quiet nature at Wasatch Mountain State Park.

Are we back in Switzerland already?

Wasatch Mountain State Park is located above the town of Midway. On the way through this city we passed the Appenzell Quarter and the Zermatt Resort. Furthermore, several Swiss flags decorated the roadside. Many Swiss emigrants live in Midway and they organize Swiss Days every year. But this year they had to be cancelled. And if you look around here, this region really looks similar to Switzerland. The snowy mountains are in the background and in front you can see an idyllic reservoir. And yes, everything here is cleaned and tidied up in a way that is untypical for the USA. We were very amused about what the Swiss influence is all about.

A golf course at the State Park

Wasatch Mountain State Park not only offers several camping loops and cabins, but also a golf course. We had never seen anything like this before. But not only golfers get their money's worth here. Also hiking and biking are excellent. Around the campsite there are several well maintained and beautiful trails. And since we got used to the altitude in the meantime, also longer walks on more than 1800 meters above sea level are no problem anymore.

Nature in the Wasatch Mountains

The State Park is located in the middle of the forest above the town of Midway. It offers quiet sites and a beautiful view. Now in June it gets quite hot (30 degrees Celsius) during the day, but at night there can be frost. You are just really at high altitude. But what we liked most were the many four-legged friends we could watch every day from the motor home already at breakfast. Here rabbits, squirrels, ground squirrels and chipmunks hunt each other and have wild races. Therefore, you should not leave anything edible unattended here either!

Wasatch Mountain State Park will remain in our memory as one of the most beautiful state parks of this trip.


Wasatch Mountain State Park

  • Campground Info

    One of the most beautiful parks on our USA trip.

  • Cost per night

    30 dollars

  • Passport America

    Not accepted here.

  • Website


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  1. Das ist doch super, so werdet ihr langsam aber sicher wieder an eure Heimat erinnert! 🥰
    Grüessli bis scho gly, Mämu

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