Yellowstone National Park

When we spent hours on the Applebutter Farm planning our return journey, we wished for one thing: a nice end to this great trip. We didn't just want to flee the country, we wanted to see some more of the landscape and nature. Because so many campsites were still closed in California, we decided to take the route through Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Montana to Tacoma. What we didn't know at that time was that the Yellowstone National Park would open in time for us.

And so we left Henry's Lake State Park in the morning. This park is only about 20 minutes by car from the west entrance of Yellowstone National Park. We had already bought the ticket online. By the way, National Parks are very cheap, the entrance is usually paid per car and costs 35 dollars. But an entrance is valid for one week. 35 Dollars are not much for one day, if you stay for a whole week, it gets cheap right away.

Our wish for the Yellowstone National Parks

At the top of the wish list were the wild bison. The sight of a herd of bison on the large grassy areas is the epitome of America. And we wanted to see the geyser Old Faithful. In the app of the National Park you can always find the approximate time of the next eruption.

Because we got there so early, we only had to queue at the entrance for a short time. So it is really worthwhile to be here early at the entrance. Long waiting times are not unusual here in the high season. Since there were already quite a lot of people in the morning at eight, we decided to drive directly to Old Faithful. But on the way there we already met the first herd of bison. We did not expect that the animals would be so close to the road. But the impressive animals didn't let themselves be disturbed by the many cars.

Old Faithful

After the first bison sighting we went on to the geyser, where we saw some bison on the way. When we arrived at the parking lot of Old Faithful we saw that our timing was perfect and the geyser would erupt in about 30 minutes. We looked for a good bench along the fence and waited anxiously. Everywhere around we saw small steam clouds rising. This creates a very special atmosphere. Old Faithful erupted on time, and we were all very excited. We had never seen anything like it before.

On to Yellowstone Lake

Since we only had one day to visit Yellowstone National Park, we decided to take a big circular route through the park. We mainly wanted to see the park, unfortunately there was no time for hiking or something similar. But the drive to Yellowstone Lake was worth it in any case. The view over the lake was just terrific. The further way led us past many more bison, and also some deer. Next on the agenda were the Upper Falls waterfalls.

The big round trip through the Yellowstone National Park

We covered a total of 204 kilometers in Yellowstone National Park and saw about 25 deer and hundreds of bison. We were on the road for a whole day and in the evening we were completely exhausted. For us this trip was the crowning finale of a very impressive and wonderful trip through the USA. And we have to thank Corona at this point, because the Yellowstone National Park would not have been on the original itinerary.

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